Qualities of a Good Pharmacy Tech

As assistants to licensed pharmacists, pharmacy technicians have the potential to earn a solid salary while picking from many available job openings. Before you invest the time and money necessary to obtain pharmacy technician certification, however, it's helpful to think about whether or not you possess the qualities that are needed to be successful in this profession. Although a training program can provide you with the knowledge you need to perform the daily duties of a pharmacy technician, it still takes a certain natural personality type to be compatible with this work on a daily basis.

A successful pharmacy technician possesses:

If you think you have the qualities needed to be a successful pharmacy technician, you have a number of different training programs to pick from. There are programs that offer diplomas and certificates, as well as those that award an associate's degree for completion.

Pharmacy technician training programs can be found through hospitals, vocational schools, community colleges, and the military. Programs vary in length, ranging from six months to two years. Most programs will help you prepare for your pharmacy technician certification exam, although you won't actually complete the exam until you've graduated from the program.

Pharmacy Technicians vs. Pharmacy Aides

If you are interested in becoming a pharmacy technician, you may be wondering if technicians and aides are considered interchangeable. Although the general public often views these jobs as the same, they are two distinct professions. Pharmacy technicians have been trained to prepare prescriptions and mix medication. They are most often certified after undergoing formal training. In comparison, the role of a pharmacy aide is to perform administrative functions, such as operating cash registers, stocking shelves, and answering phones. Aides do not need certification and generally receive all of their training from their employers.