Pharmacy Technician Certification Practice Questions Set 3

1. When making IVs, which part of the syringe must never be touched?

a. barrel
b. barrel flange
c. plunger
d. shaft

2. What is the brand name for insulin glargine?

a. Lantus
b. NovoLog
c. Apidra
d. Levemir

3. Which of the following is a C-II?

a. Dolophine
b. Restoril
c. Strattera
d. Norco

4. Which of the following agents is an antibacterial?

a. fluconazole
b. nystatin
c. doxycycline
d. acyclovir

5. What is Patanol indicated for?

a. high blood pressure
b. conjunctivitis
c. eye allergies
d. skin allergies

6. Which of the following choices describes a "misbranded" drug?

a. contains unsafe additives
b. differs in strength from what is represented
c. label does not contain directions for use
d. was prepared in unsanitary conditions

7. Which of the following is true about the filling of schedule II drugs?

a. A partial filling is allowed if the remaining quantity is available within 48 hours.
b. All prescriptions must be handwritten.
c. An emergency filling is not allowable.
d. Faxed prescriptions may be acceptable from long-term care facilities.

8. Of the following NEW orders sent to your pharmacy, which should be filled "stat"?

a. TPN
b. Cardura XL
c. amikacin
d. Lotrimin

9. Which of the following drugs may be delivered via the pneumatic tube system?

a. magnesium citrate
b. gemcitabine
c. pegfilgrastim
d. abciximab

10. You need to repackage 30 pills from a manufacturer bottle with an expiration date of 3/11. What would be the appropriate expiration date for the repackaged product if the current date is 3/31/10?

a. 9/10
b. 7/10
c. 6/10
d. 12/10

Pharmacy Technician Certification Practice Questions Set 3 - Answer Key

Last Updated: 05/12/2014