Pharmacy Technician Certification Practice Questions Set 2

1. How should regular insulin be combined with NPH insulin in the same syringe?

a. Add regular insulin to syringe first, then add NPH.
b. Add NPH to syringe first, then add regular insulin.
c. These cannot be combined in the same syringe.
d. It doesn't matter which one is added first.

2. How should unused or expired fentanyl patches be discarded?

a. mixing in coffee grounds before disposing
b. returning to the pharmacy
c. flushing in the toilet
d. throwing in regular trash

3. Which of the following is NOT something a patient receiving rifampin should be counseled about?

a. blue-green discoloration of urine
b. permanent discoloration of contact lenses
c. drug-drug interactions
d. decreased effectiveness of birth control pills

4. A patient receives a prescription for oxycodone/acetaminophen 5/325. What is the maximum number of tablets the patient may take daily?

a. 6
b. 8
c. 10
d. 12

5. Where is medication recall information NOT located?

a. fax from manufacturer
b. letter from wholesaler
c. FDA website
d. DEA website

6. When double-checking a computer entry of a drug versus its National Drug Code (NDC) number, which part of the NDC should be compared to the drug entry?

a. digits 1 through 5
b. digits 6 through 9
c. digits 10 through 11
d. all 11 digits

7. Which of the DEA numbers listed below would be a valid number for general medical practitioner Dr. Shannon Brinks?

a. FB2146339
b. SB2146335
c. BS2146333
d. BB2146337

8. Drug ABC is an investigational drug for psoriasis. What is NOT the physician's responsibility regarding drug ABC?

a. Obtain signed consent.
b. Obtain study approval from the IRB.
c. Store drug ABC.
d. Provide pharmacy with a signed consent form.

9. How many milliliters of a 10 mg/mL oral solution should be dispensed for a patient requiring two teaspoonfuls three times daily for seven days?

a. 105 mL
b. 210 mL
c. 315 mL
d. 630 mL

10. A patient requires 20 mEq/L of potassium phosphate. How many milliliters of a 4.4 mEq/mL concentrated solution should be added to a bag containing 500 mL?

a. 1 mL
b. 2.3 mL
c. 4.5 mL
d. 23 mL

Pharmacy Technician Certification Practice Questions Set 2 - Answer Key

Last Updated: 05/12/2014